Jurid® is the premium braking brand and one of the global leaders in both Original Equipment and aftermarket products. The brand has excelled for over 100 years in leading technical innovation.
  • Original Equipment with over 30 vehicle brands and 1,000s of applications
  • 36 Month – 36,000-mile warranty on all brake Discs and pads when bought together
  • OE Quality superior brake discs and pads across all part numbers
  • COAT+ technology. A matt silver coating with superior corrosion resistance and full protection of the disc
  • Ready to use out the box with no cleaning
  • Easy installation with locating screws on popular applications
  • Outstanding heat dissipation means no thermal deformation
  • Optimized surface finish for quicker and smoother bedding in
  • Two-piece riveted OE Spec discs on key BMW applications
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